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Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy D&D Roleplaying Game 5th Edition (RPG Boxed Game)

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  • Dancing Dragon Dungeon is the fourth dungeon in , located near the summit of . Within this dungeon lies the fourth , the . To access the dungeon, Link requires the .

    The entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon is carved into the rock wall of . In order to navigate the mountain range where the dungeon is located, Link must obtain the power of the for the . Link will also need the obtained from the in the nearby . Link requires the aid of in order to swim up the waterfall into the secret cave where the Master Diver resides.

  • The Dancing Dragon Dungeon is a watery dungeon littered with , suggesting that the dungeon was once a mine used by the inhabitants of . Long abandoned, the mine has become a breeding ground for monsters that Link must slay while progressing through the dungeon. The are essential to completing the dungeon: on two occasions, Link must dive underwater to obtain a (once for a and once for the later on). This dungeon features two floors, a basement floor, and one side-scrolling room.

    In the basement floor of the dungeon resides , the boss of Dancing Dragon Dungeon. With the help of the item he acquired within the dungeon, the , Link defeats Gohma and obtains the fourth of the , as well as the obligatory .

    Names in Other Regions
    Language Name Meaning
    Japanese 竜の舞うダンジョン (Ryū no Mau Danjon) Dragon Dance Dungeon
    Spanish Mazmorra del Dragón Danzante Dancing Dragon Dungeon
    French Donjon Dragon Dansant Dancing Dragon Dungeon
    German Tanzdrachenhöhle
    Italian Dungeon Drago Danzante

  • The dungeon has the entrances of two : the hellhound and blue dragon resource dungeon. These require 55 and 60 minimum levels to enter, respectively. The chamber of the dungeon and the resource dungeon accessed from this chamber are the only locations where (used for herblore) spawn.

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