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  • An interesting note: a dragon elves skin can be any color or combination of colors. Player’s choice as to what color their skin can be. Most usually range from various shades of green and brown to grey and even black. Players should also chose a color that reflects the characters alignment. i.e. evil characters have dark skin whereas good characters have brighter or more neutral tones. Or this can be totally reversed. Players’ choice.

    All dragon elves possess an innate magical ability to jump extremely high and long distances. This ability almost gives them the illusion of flight.

  • The character is also invulnerable to damage from falling. When falling from any height the character takes no damage when he/she hits the ground. This does NOT mean that he/she doesn’t take damage from things falling on top of him/her. This tends to give Dragon Elves a carefree attitude about things, because they see themselves with a sort of partial invincibility.

    Races of Zendikar gives you D&D stats for all the races from the art book. The art book is required reading for all these races, because while they do give you a little fluff, it’s not a lot. Humans are standard humans from the PHB, and the Kor are basically tall halflings that get proficiency in the athletics skill. However, the Merfolk stats nail the themes from the art book perfectly in that they reflect the three Merfolk sub-races based on each of their three gods. Keep in mind, the gods of the Merfolk are based off the stories of the Eldrazi themselves, so when they come back, there is gonna be some existential crises in Merfolk society. The Vampires are also setup to reflect the fluff of Zendikar. My only problem with them is that the PDF and art book specifically mention that Vampires can create Vampire Nulls, but there are no rules on if or how a Vampire Null can be controlled, if a player character Vampire chooses to create one. In addition, if your game is set before the Eldrazi escape from their prison, there is no reason for a Vampire to hang out with the other races as they are just food to them at this point. As for the other races, the Zendikar Goblins have three sub-races based on the tribe they come from, and unlike the Monster Manual goblins, they have taken on a stony nature after eating Hedrons for generations. Lastly, the Zendikar Elves also have three sub-races based on which Elven city they came from, though stats-wise they are similar to standard D&D Elves.

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On the other hand, some city elves see the Dalish as near-myths: strange and savage "wood elves" living far from humans and preying upon the unwary; and yet somehow noble, as well. To others, the Dalish are seen as "savages", primitive elves who refuse to see the promise of the alienage, and live off the land in ways the average city elf could not. Indeed, city elves who choose to leave or live beyond the Alienage are labeled "flat-ears" as well by their city kin, ironically similar to how some Dalish view the Andrastian elves, and subject to violence or resentment from other city elves.