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Tiny Doll House, a dollhouse store on the upper east side

Odoria 1:12 Miniature Wooden Stall Shelving Store Display Dollhouse Furniture Accessories

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  • Earth and Tree Dollhouse and Miniature Shop Tel: Address: 276 State Route. 101 in Amherst NH, is a full service dollhouse miniature store. See for GPS information. We offer handcrafted wooden dollhouse kits made by Tom's Mill at Earth and Tree. Earth and Tree builds and finishes the dollhouses here at the shop. We have dollhouse furniture and miniature accessories in 1" scale and half inch and quarter inch scale. We stock a wide variety of gingerbread and dollhouse wood trims, cedar shingles and miniature hardware hinges and doorknobs. You can choose from many styles of dollhouse windows and doors, including Architect's Choice. Miniature lights, electrical supplies, and a class to teach how to wire your dollhouse are offered. Complete the inside of the dollhouse with miniature wallpaper and dollhouse flooring of inlaid wood kits or carpet. Dollhouse dolls and animal pets are at Earth and Tree as well.

    Whether finding the perfect “hard-to-find” artisan pieces for an avid collector or showing a selection of wooden dollhouses to a grandparent introducing their love of the hobby with a grandchild, DMMA members are eager to share their knowledge and passion for the products they sell. While all members believe that miniatures should be seen, touched, held, arranged, and even re-arranged before they are purchased, many also offer their dedicated expertise as online retailers to customers worldwide. With shops located in shopping centers, courthouse squares, historic homes, and shared retail spaces across the United States and Canada, members are focused on providing the finest selection of miniatures along with the highest degree of service to help bring their customers’ miniature creations to life. Be sure to view our store locator map and find a Dollhouse store near you or during your travels!

  • The Miniatures Store at The Dollhouse Museum is a brick-and-mortar dollhouse miniatures store stocking a full array of furniture, components and accessories for the miniaturist and dollhouse collector. We stock dolls in every price range from inexpensive family dolls to Heidi Ott, Caco, and artisan pieces. Furniture for all rooms of the miniature house ranges from the popular Bargain Shelves, where no piece exceeds 5.00, to the higher-end Bespaq and artisan items.

    It has been a long goodbye since Mullooly announced last winter that she was closing Miniature Manor, one of Long Island's few remaining dollhouse stores, a small business in a small world that has been shrinking every year. While dollhouse collecting remains popular, much of the buying and selling of the houses and miniatures that grace their rooms has moved from downtown mom and pop-type stores to online websites like eBay, according to industry experts. With both vendors and collectors fading away, and at the urging of her family, Mullooly has been reducing her inventory, working fewer hours and looking forward to post-retirement life out in the big world.

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