There are a few other ways that our dogs contract dog pink eye:

Dog Pink Eye : Diagnosis & Natural Treatment

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  • If you're not sure whether your dog has pink eye or not, . (your dog's age, gender and breed, how long the problem has been going on, what you have done for the problem in the past, etc.). They'll get back to you right away to let you know if your dog has it along with the best course of action.

    I gave my dog a pink mohawk for a march of dimes event and he absolutely loved all the attention he got. He had people petting him and taking pictures, he couldn’t have been happier. I see nothing wrong with dying your dog as long as its safe for them. Its just some harmless fun

  • Many of the symptoms found with dog pink eye can also be found when debris or foreign bodies enter the eye area. Check the eye thoroughly for anything that does not belong.

    The last time I saw a pink dog, it was during an archaeological dig. The archaeologist had brought his dog to camp and one day it had a skirmish with a skunk. Most of us had heard that bathing a dog in tomato juice would help eliminate the skunk smell. I don't remember if that worked, but I do remember that the dog was pink for weeks! It actually seemed embarrassed and skulked around until the pink wore off. Beesha and Daisy seem to have taken it much better!

  • Dog pink eye, or “dog conjunctivitis” if you want to sound cool, affects the eye of the dog exactly the same as it does a human eye. It can be quite a bothersome and unsettling experience for your dog.

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