Girlease Ultimte/Disposable Bra Liner is made from air-fluffed

Black Disposable Bra with shoulder loops

Black Disposable Bra with Velcro Enclosure, 50 Count

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    These soft and comfortable black disposable bras are constructed to leave the shoulders free with two convenient velcro straps. Reduce the need for extra towels or sheets used for body coverage.

    “Women experience an array of issues when it comes to their bras! Whether it is discomfort and pain from the bra pressing against the body for many hours, or moisture collecting under the breast, women cannot wait to take their bra off at the end of a long day”, said Avigail Perl, founder and CEO of CupCare. “Bras are also expensive, delicate and easily ruined. Our new disposable bra liner is a simple solution to these problems and offers women a way to stay comfortable and dry, while having their bra lifespan last ~30% longer. It is where smart meets sexy”.

  • a.) Yes, if your "girls’" have enough "touchage" to keep the Girlease Ultimate/Disposable Bra Liner in place. However, leaning over may cause "dropage" of the Girlease Ultimate/Disposable Bra Liner, depending on the amount of "swingage." So. . . for lounging, the Girlease Ultimate/Disposable Bra Liner is perfect for providing from uninvited moisture and increased “curvage” temperature.

    Many girlfriends tested and approved the soft, cool, and absorbent air-fluffed, non woven material of the Girlease Ultimate/Disposable Bra Liner. The test group of women all agreed that this liner is a much needed addition to the world of feminine hygiene. (, please see Doctors Say website page.)

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    About CupCare
    CupCare is a feminine consumer goods company providing innovative hygienic beauty solutions for women. The founder, Avigail Perl came up with the idea of placing a disposable bra liner inside a bra when experiencing discomfort and frustration from her own bras. After going through different phases of prototypes and several rounds of beta testing, a specialized manufacturing line is in place at a state of the art facility. The CupCare liners will be available later this year.

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Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads - 30 ct

-Provide effective leak protection.
-Extra thin design - discreet under clothing
-Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience.
-Super absorbent materials prevent leakage and maintain dryness.
-Soft layer keeps moisture away from breast for added comfort.
-Leak-resistant pocket and extra liner provide added protection.
-Contouring pleats for a smooth, feminine shape
-Adhesive tape keeps pads in place
-Available in 30ct and 60ct.