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  • During the Disney Renaissance Era, which started with in 1989 and ended in 2000, the heroines in Disney feature films became more active than reactive and included , , , and . These women were strong-willed, adventurous, feisty, cunning and determined. They were less interested in finding love and more interested in finding adventure and freedom. The Renaissance Princesses also existed in worlds that were more self-aware of the changing roles of women. For example, in , the villainess assures Ariel that she won't need her voice on land as men prefer silent women; Belle, from is told by that "it's not right for a woman to read." And Mulan, who joins an army under the guise of a man, must listen to her peers extol masculine traits, while describing an ideal wife who is pretty, obedient and a good cook.

    Pre-1990s, Disney films were great but the bulk of hits are remembered are from the wonderful 1990s, when VHS tapes were king and you waited five minutes for it to rewind.

  • The original play is much darker than the Disney version, which is a pretty big departure for the studio. It’s actually kind of surprising given their track record of embracing darker themes and scenes (think Pinocchio). For example, in the play Tinker Bell is just a fragment of light but she decides to drink the poison intended for Peter Pan and dies. It is pretty sad and something I think previous Disney films would have included. For some reason, they not only took out the darkness but went in the polar opposite direction making the film very light and comedic in tone with long sections of slapstick.

    I’m a fan of animated . I thought that I’ve watched ALL the Disney films, but it turns out I was wrong. This image below features all the Disney animated films that were ever made. I really did not know there were 52 of them. This is just proof that one is never too old to learn. The films listed on this photo date back to 1937. This list DOES NOT include the Pixar films.

  • As you probably get, apart from Braveheart, Brave seems to have taken elements from previous Disney films; Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Mulan, Brother Bear…, but it doesn’t make it a bad movie. It’s still decent.

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