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Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers Size 4, 62 Count

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  • Here's a solution to the leaky diaper dilemma: We double-bag our son at night. First I put on an overnight diaper, which is 50% more absorbent. Then I put a regular ultratrim diaper on OVER the first diaper. It seems to work. I hope this helps. -Polly In response to your question about leaking disposable diapers - I've always used Huggies and they seem to work really well.... What I've FINALLY discovered is that whenever my son has leaked, it has been because he was pointed in the right direction inside the diaper. Now that our son is in Pull-Ups, we've had more of the leaking problems because he is more likely to not be adjusted properly, from pulling up the diaper... Hope this helps! -Heather We had the same problem with our child. The solution was two-fold: we tried bigger diapers and we began using diaper covers with the disposable diapers during the night. Huggies Overnites have worked best for us. We use cloth in the daytime but our diaper covers all have velcro. Our favorites are Bottom Buddies...more expensive but the velcro tabs are smaller. Perhaps the pants version of diaper covers would work better (similar to the rubber pants we grew up with). Obie I always found that the brand names, Huggies, Pampers, didn't usually leak like the lesser known (Kirkland etc.) brand names.(We've been out of diapers for almost 4 years though). June This is in response to the diaper (leaking) question. I recommend using Huggies Overnites. We had a terrible time keeping our son dry at night (we've always used disposable) until we tried the Overnite diapers. They really do seem to hold more and prevent leaking. Good luck! Katie we've always used huggies without a problem. our baby is rather big, so maybe that helps the diapers stay snug amy Our son's diapers started leaking almost nightly, until a kind friend gave us diaper doublers from Albertsons. These are pads you insert in the diaper for overnight use. Not one leak has happened since. Inbal August 2003

    I love that my daughter can still have a diaper for overnight use and long distance car trips. She really loves Elmo and always asks for her “Pampas (pampers)” to be put on before bed. For the most part she wakes up with a dry diaper and it’s just used to prevent any accidents. Sometimes she goes and sometimes she doesn’t, but when she does, we know that her Pampers can handle the job!

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