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Bratz Create It Yourself Fashion Playset (with Doll)

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  • Keep in mind how totally monumental this is! Before now, we’d probably never learn anything more about what MGA had planned for the Bratz in , and certainly not into 2010, but now we’ve got direct access to the woman who designed it all! This is also a great opportunity to learn more about what it takes to become a fashion designer, as well as the process of designing for Bratz, and dolls in general! Aren’t you psyched?!😀

    Mattel sued MGA Entertainment for $500 million, alleging that Bratz creator was working for Mattel when he developed the idea for Bratz. On July 17, 2008, a federal jury ruled that Bryant had created the Bratz while he was working for Mattel, despite MGA's claim that Bryant had not been employed by Mattel at the time and Bryant's assertion that he had designed the Bratz between two separate periods of employment at Mattel. The jury also ruled that MGA and its Chief Executive Officer Isaac Larian were liable for converting Mattel property for their own use and intentionally interfering with the contractual duties owed by Bryant to Mattel. On August 26, the jury decided that Mattel was to be paid just 100 million in damages, citing that only the first generation of Bratz had infringed on Mattel property and that MGA had innovated and evolved the product significantly enough that subsequent generations of Bratz could not be conclusively found to be infringing.

  • You could win the chance to have your very own fantastic and fashionable design actually made and released as a Bratz doll. People all over Australia will be able to buy and play with your very own, specially designed Bratz doll!

    But why wait? Right now you have the most amazing chance to "Become A Bratz Fashion Designer". Visit for all the details on how you could create the first ever Australian Bratz-fan designed Bratz doll!

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