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DC Comics Little Boys' Batman Wham 2 Pc Short Set, Black, 7

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  • It’s looking like it’s going to be a happy holiday for a lot of LEGO Collectors, as today even more LEGO 2013 sets went up for sale early online! This time, it’s the quartet of 2013 LEGO Supeheroes Marvel & DC Universe sets! Some of these 2013 LEGO sets have had sightings in local Toys R Us stores this week, but every one of those sets has been at a Toys R Us inflated price. Online, the sets are all MSRP. All of these sets are in-stock with no tax and free shipping right now, and as or writing, you can even still get Christmas delivery on them!

    Of the Winter 2015 LEGO DC sets, the one that feels the most like a LEGO Batman set (and which gives us the least new characters) is the 76027 LEGO Black Manta Sea Strike set. Though this set is proudly emblazoned with the new LEGO Justice League logo, it feels just like a LEGO Batman set thanks to the inclusion of a LEGO Bat Submarine and LEGO Minifigures of Batman and LEGO Scuba Robin.

  • The first wave of DC LEGO sets are in stores now and available online (with free shipping on orders over $50, which works out to two or three sets), but sadly, that we showed you back in October isn’t among them. If, however, you want to get started on building your own LEGO Batcave, then you might want to check out the $99.99 , which comes complete with a giant green T-Rex:

    Once the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game was announced for release, I knew that 2015 was going to be a huge year for the LEGO Batman (LEGO DC Super Heroes) line of sets. And as is sometimes the case (I’m batting about 70/30 lately), my prediction was right. However, LEGO has completed blown away all of my expectations–the 2015 LEGO DC Superheroes sets contain unquestionably best wave of LEGO DC Minifigures that we’ve ever gotten! The first-ever LEGO minifigures of Darkseid, Brainiac, and Supergirl–and even the return of LEGO Green Arrow–are coming our way in January 2015!

  • Although LEGO has had the DC Comics license for many years now, they’ve rarely made the most out of it. 90%+ of the LEGO DC Superheroes sets that have been released have been Batman-themed, and star characters like LEGO Superman and LEGO Wonder Woman have only appeared once in the past, whereas secondary characters like LEGO Green Arrow and LEGO Martian Manhunter have been hard-to-get exclusives.

Aaron Aramini - DC Set/Static Hold (Biceps)

The DC Universe subtheme's continuity is based on no particular DC continuity, but instead follows the original one used in the theme, which is based on the comic books and the . So far, the story has mostly been told through the comic books included in the DC sets.