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An Archive List of DC Universe Classics Action Figures by Mattel

DC Universe Classics Crime Syndicate of Amerika Exclusive 5-Figure Set by DC Comics

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  • DCUC is a pretty easy line to collect right now. Virtually any recent DC Universe Classics action figure, including Dove, can be Buy-It-Now-ed off ebay for at or below regular retail prices both loose and new in package.

    DC Universe classics Kamandi action figure by Mattel is part of the Wave 14 line of action figures. Kamandi is figure 1 of this dc universe classics wave 14 and is available here a..

  • Now in stock is this case of ten (10) DC Universe Classics action figures that includes ten individual items which means NO DUPLICATES! This case includes Dr. Impossible, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Big Barda, Flash,Booster Gold, Firestorm, Superman, and Black Suit Superman. Please notevariants of some or all figures may be included or substituted.

    A casual peek into my top ten favorite DC Universe Classics action figures! The DC Universe Classics line has come to an end in its current form, so I'd like to share my ten favorite action figures to come out of this line! Of course, my list is always be in flux (altough my top favorite figure will never be dethroned!), but this is my list as of the posting of this vid. Enjoy!

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