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Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 - Trigger System

NERF Dart Tag - Ultimate 2-Player Dart Duel Set

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  • TAG : The Nerf Dart Tag 2-Player Set is exactly what it sounds like.
  • The NERF DART TAG experience will also be enhanced this year with an updated collection of competition grade jerseys, blasters, and accessories created for ultimate game play. Featuring greater dart capacities and performance, the 2011 DART TAG lineup allows fans to train at their ultimate level as they prepare for the NERF sporting competition of the year. The new NERF DART TAG line hit shelves yesterday nationwide.

    For more information on 2011 NERF DART TAG tournament rules, eligibility, registration forms, and the NERF DART TAG World Championship, visit .

  • The Nerf Magstrike sounds KINDA cool...then you watch the commercial and realize whoa...... is this a Nerf commercial, or the Matrix 4??? If Neo was ever in a game of Nerf Dart tag THIS is the weapon he would choose!! "Whooa... I know Kung-Fu!..and I LOVE Nerf"

    “The major changes to the 2011 competition, our alliance with ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and completely redesigned DART TAG equipment give this unique sporting event the spotlight it deserves and make the NERF DART TAG experience more accessible to our diverse community of NERF athletes across the country,” said a Hasbro spokesperson. In short, it's open season for dart tag masters ages 8-17.

  • In this new and improved episode, we discuss our new format, then go on to some recent news, followed by a short review of the Dart Tag Stingers.

Want to see some NERF DART TAG action? Watch the video, here.

As someone who grew up dodging foam darts, and then later playing with at-home laser tag kits that never seemed to work properly, I was very interested to see whether Nerf Dart Tag could deliver on its promises. The short answer is that it does. Over the past few weeks, my living room and yard have been turned into a war zone.