I love this idea…my girls love their daddy doll!

Daddy Doll became a part of every day while my husband was overseas.

Hape - Modern Family - Wooden Dad Doll

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  • We are about to have our first deployment. With 3 little ones we will have lots of missing Daddy at our house. We would be quite happy with a basic Daddy doll but of course I’ll have get 3 of them. Some things would be hard to share. 🙂

    I think that the Big Dadday Doll is very neat. My kids love their Daddy Doll they have and helped on his last deployment and this one. My husband and I would like to get them a Daddy Doll of their Paw Paw. He passed away last month and this would be a good thin for them to have him with them when they are missing him.

  • I know my son would enjoy having a daddy doll. This is our second deployment and we
    still havent gotten one. My husband also deploys a lot so I know it would go to good use.
    The other product that looks cool is the voice recorder option!

    I would love to win one for my daughter. We weren’t able to get one for this last deployment, but there are more deployments coming and I know she would love having a daddy doll to help ease her missing daddy blues!

  • Currently my kids are not missing someone but soon my husband their father will be on deployment to Africa. We have 6 amazing kids ages 10, 7, 5, 3, 2 and 8 months. The 5 oldest are boys and our youngest is a girl! 🙂 this will be his 3rd deployment , and I believe this daddy doll would help our family out during this time. 🙂

Daddy Dolls, Cheboygan, Michigan

Sometimes, it feels as if we, the families left behind these deployed Soldiers, these patriots, are looking for SOMEthing to vent at. The creators of DaddyDolls is not a proper venue. Kudos to the makers! Anything that helps a little one make it through a parent’s deployment is welcomed and embraced.