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  • Whether you're looking for an adorable cherub or cute little kittens, the cute personal checks we offer at Colorful Images will have what you're looking for. Tell the world how proud you are to be a fun and lovable person in everything that you do.

    I’ve tried to keep everything super organized with this move and it has helped tremendously. One thing that has really helped was keeping a moving checklist. I printed off a moving checklist from and used it several weeks leading up to the move. We’ve created a condensed version for you to download with a blank sheet so you can add your own checklist. Cute check lists definitely make packing a bit more fun. ;)

  • Do your personal checks make you smile?

    If you simply ordered them from your bank, they're probably pretty dull. But when you order cute checks from CheckAdvantage, paying with personal checks suddenly becomes little pick-me-up in the middle of your day.

    We have so many ways to personalize the little things in our lives. From screen savers and cell phones to license plates and t-shirts, we try to make the things we own reflect who we are. Why not do the same with some cute personal checks inside that adorable purse of yours?

    These unique personal checks were designed by our very own graphic artists and are exclusive to CheckAdvantage. Have fun looking through all of them to find your favorite! We suggest you pick the one that puts the biggest smile on your face!

    Have a hoot spending with these cute owl checks! Many owl check styles available. Matching address labels and checkbook covers available for many of the owl check styles. Owl Personal Checks is your online storefront for owl personal checks available at a much lower cost than the bank.

  • If you’re bored of traditional checks and are looking for cute personal check designs that accurately reflect your view on the world, we’ve got you covered. Take your pick from among our wide variety of fun and wacky check designs by visiting and placing your order today.

Do your personal checks make you smile

Regular checks that you get from your bank are a thing of the past now. Aside from looking dull and boring, they cost more than Cute personal checks too. You see, you order a new set of checks from your bank, then your bank orders it for you from the printer - your bank acts as a middle man and being so, they charge you extra. No wonder why a lot of people are saying goodbye to regular bank checks.