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The Tin Box Company 187907-12 Crayola Crayon Storage Tin, Crayons Not Included

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  • Non-Crayola tins are near the top of the page but included as they are school related items. Water paint tins have been moved to a page of their own. You’ll get to the Crayola tins as you scroll down. I have been fascinated by the variety of Crayola tins beyond the most common ones that come to mind.

    I came across these vintage-inspired Crayola tins in our stationery drawer, purchased at Cracker Barrel for Christmas stocking stuffers. In the disgusting gluttony of Christmas consumption, they were forgotten, and chose to make a reappearance just in time for our party. Well done, Crayola tins…

  • 2017 NEW Small Crayola Tin Box (6 tins) - Holds 24 crayons - Item # 182117 - Formerly 182107


    Small Crayola Tin Box (6 tins) - Item # 182117 SIze: 4-3/4 x 3 x 1.5"H New design. Old design was 182107

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