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  • I purchased the Cosco Seneca car seat 22-120-WAL, L#15B121042. I first emailed them requesting a new cup-holder since the one that we had, was broken. They alerted me that my son's seat was included in a recall for the harness and promptly sent me a new one and charged me for the cup holder. The cup-holder broke the first day. We've used the replacement belt with the seat for the last 8months or so and the harness just started loosening on its own.

    I bought a Cosco car seat and stroller travel package and only used it a few times. And yesterday, I used it because my son was sleeping and he woke up and my mama picked him up and right after that it collapsed in the store. And I picked it up and got it standing again and put him back in it. It was fine. We got to the car and I went to move it backwards to pick my son up and it collapsed again and my son was in it. Thank God, he was okay but they seriously need to test these things better because that's our children and mainly infants that were trusting in their products in putting out a good product. And the car seat that come with the stroller had a recall a few months ago.

  • I went to pull the strap tight and then pulled on each belt at his shoulders and it pulled completely out. I repeated this several times and made sure that the belt had locked into place, it still came out. I pulled the top of the harness to simulate me slamming on the brakes and it pulled right out! My 3yr old child could have been ejected from my car. I couldn't believe that I had been driving around like that unknowingly! How many other parents don't know this about their Cosco car seat! I've just sent them another email and purchased another car seat. I hope that they will look further into this situation. We will not use this seat again. No damage, I caught this soon enough, thank God!

    We received a Cosco car seat as a gift from a relative for my son, we have put it in my mom's car, and have had nothing but problems with it. The latch part that goes between my son's legs is extremely hard to buckle into the shoulder harnesses, I LITERALLY have to stand and push down with all my might on each buckle to get them to snap in!!! There is hardly any padding to protect his head should we be in a crash, and it WILL NOT stay secure (it wobbles from side to side tremendously - so much so, I have to sit in the back seat with him to hold it steady!!).

  • If your baby is on the higher end of the height and weight growth charts, you should consider budgeting for a taller car seat with higher weight limits. However, the Cosco Scenera car seat will hold most kids comfortably and safely for a few years, at least. The cheaper Scenera may give you time to save for a larger car seat or combination car seat to use down the line.

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Fun fact – did you know that Cosco Car Seats are ? Cosco’s first priority is family and the company is proud of what its workers do every day to help keep children safe. To coincide with the roll out of the first Scenera NEXT’s, Cosco is launching a personalized letter writing campaign. Over 500 of the first Scenera NEXT’s will feature handwritten notes from a child of one of Cosco’s Columbus, Indiana, employees.