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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pre-Cool Half Shell Heroes Sewer Cruiser with Michelangelo Vehicle and Figure

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  • Lego 5767 Cool Cruiser review from the Creator series.
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    Cool Cruisers of Texas is the leader in FJ40 Restoration Parts and Parts Development. Unlike other companies who just sell Land Cruiser Parts, we actually fabricate the parts you need most. We can do it because we needed them first to build the Ultimate Original FJ40.

  • If you love to travel the ecofriendly way, have a look at the custom made bicycles by James Perse. Designed especially for cruising the beaches, these bikes are definitely unique. Known as the Beach Cruiser, this genius set of wheels was very popular in the 50′s and the 60′s. Thus, the designer has kept in mind the vintage style as he designed every bike for the modern rider. The bike is well known for its fat tires that can handle sand, wide-style handlebars, and coaster brakes.

    Along with its hydro form steel frame and smooth look, the James Perse custom built vintage style beach cruise features a billet aluminum stem, hand-aged leather seat and grips, triple-clamp fork, extra-large aluminum sprocket, extra wide 2″ rims and 2.125″ tires, and 1 speed coaster brake hub. The cool vintage cruiser comes with its own limited edition serial number and extra wide rims. Its offered in four exciting colors and can be made to order.

    5767 Cool Cruiser is a released in . It includes 621 pieces and instructions to be built into a cruiser, a telehandler and a F-1 race car. The colour scheme on this set is mainly yellow, but has tints of black. The cruiser is a four seat convertible with working steering, opening doors, and an opening hood. This set is recommended for children aged 8 through to 12.

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    This is the cleanest and best looking FJ62 I have ever laid eyes on. Not only was is restored by COOL CRUISERS OF TEXAS several years ago. but it has been maintained to the highest levels. Everything is in good solid working condition. ***Note that the odometer is showing 203k miles but nearly everything has been rebuilt or replaced with OEM goods. The receipts for this rig add up to over $32K. The motor was completely rebuilt at 149k. the tranny was done at 179k and on and on. Not only does it come with the original window sticker but also the factory production checklist from Japan and owners manuals. I would be happy to go through the invoices for serious and qualified buyers.

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