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No Soliciting Unless You're Selling Girl Scout Cookies Door Magnet - Funny Magnet "No Soliciting" Sign For Metal Doors and Frames (2.5" x 9")

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  • Girl Scout Cookies are cookies that Girl Scouts sell. They only sell them a few times each year, so people freak out when its Girl Scout Cookie time. Seriously, grown ass adults go all Cookie Monster when they see a box of Do-si-dos. They will run up to you and ask you where and when you got them. Then they will track down that Girl Scout troop and buy as many boxes as they can carry, then they will come back for more. People stockpile Girl Scout Cookies. They will buy multiple boxes of multiple flavors and hoard them in the cupboard.

    We're looking forward to the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program — Sunday, Jan. 29-Sunday, March 12 — when we'll celebrate a century of Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scouts San Diego!

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