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Dryer LP (liquid propane) conversion kit. From Natural gas to LP.

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - 9006 (HB4) - 6000k - 2 Year Warranty

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  • The GT II as well as other VW-based are very popular conversion candidates due to their being inexpensive, extensive support groups as well as their simple sports car design. Availability of conversion kits for these cars are quite prevalent with commercial retail establishments that specialize in EV conversions.

    has released a conversion kit available for purchase. It has everything you will ever need to transform your Jeep into a badass jeep truck. With only $8,995 you get to have stamped steel frame extensions, an assembled Brute hard top, body mounts, cab closeout, bed assembly, CNC fuel and brake lines, and of course a detailed instruction to start your Brute Jeep building process.

  • The 1969–1976 is one of the more successful sports car conversions, as well as being one of the most popular. Once converted, it boasts better performance in range, acceleration and top speed than most other vehicles. Also, its low acquisition costs contributes to its popularity as a conversion candidate. Some manufacturers of conversion kits have made a kit specific to the 914.

    Owing to its light weight and efficiency, a light vehicle can make an excellent choice, particularly if care is taken in component selection and placement. It is possible to obtain conversion kits for some popular light vehicles, most notably the rear motor, rear drive , its evolution, and its successor, the front motor/drive .

    HID conversion kit SK-001 HID conversion kit SK-001A HID conversion kit SK-002 HID conversion kit SK-002A
    HID conversion kit SK-003 HID conversion kit SK-008 HID conversion kit SK-004 HID conversion kit SK-004A
    HID conversion kit SK-005 HID conversion kit SK-006 HID conversion kit SK-006A HID conversion kit SK-009
    HID conversion kit SK-009A HID conversion kit SK-011 HID conversion kit SK-011A HID conversion kit SK-012
    HID conversion kit SK-012A HID conversion kit SK-014 HID conversion kit SK-014A HID xenon bulb D1S
    HID ballast 5009 HID ballast 5011 HID ballast 5011-2 Slim ballast 6006 HID xenon bulb H4-4 Bi-xenon
    HID xenon bulb H1 HID xenon bulb H3 HID xenon bulb H4 HID xenon bulb H4-2 HID xenon bulb H4 H/L-1
    HID xenon bulb H4 H/L-2 HID xenon bulb H7 HID xenon bulb H8 HID xenon bulb H9 HID xenon bulb 9004
    HID xenon bulb 9005 HID xenon bulb 9006 HID xenon bulb 9007 HID xenon bulb 880 HID xenon bulb 881
    HID xenon bulb D2C HID xenon bulb D2R HID xenon bulb D2S HID xenon bulb H10 HID xenon bulb H11
    HID xenon bulb H3C HID xenon bulb H13 HID xenon bulb H13 H/L HID xenon bulb H13-2

  • HID xenon kit-> Model: SK-002
    >> Detailed Product Description
    1) New auto xenon lamp HID kit with HID xenon bulb and HID ballast,hid xenon kit
    2) 35W power-consumption HID xenon conversion kit is exactly the best choice to upgrade and evolve your car lighting
    3) Voltage input ranged at: 9 to 16V
    4) Rating voltage input: 12V
    5) Rating current input: 3.2A, ±10%
    6) Output power: 35W, ±2W
    7) Output load: one HID 35W lamp
    8) Working temperature: -40 to +105°C
    9) Life hours: more than 3,000 hours
    10) Luminous: 3,000 lumen (3 times brighter than the common lamps)
    11) Color temperature: 3,000, 4,300, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000K
    13) Yellow white: 4,300 to 5,000K
    14) Blue white: 6,000 to 12,000K
    15) The ray axis of H4 Hi/Lo lamps can be controlled forward and backward for 4.0mm, and up and down for 1.0mm
    16) Reverse connection protection: reverse connection will not damage ballasts and bulbs
    17) Short circuit protection: lock protection against continuous or long-time short circuit; recovers upon reboot
    18) Water and shock-resistant
    >> Color temperature and color
    The color of bulb is expressed by color temperature:
    4300k~yellow white
    8000k~blue white
    10000k~Cambridge blue
    >> Basic fittings
    * 2 x Xenon HID Bulbs ( Buyer chooses any Bulb type and Color Temperature)
    * 2 x Ballasts ( with built-in starter/igniter for better performance)
    * 2 x secure Mounting Brackets
    * Illustrated Installation Instructions
    * Warranty card
    * All necessary install accessories
    Remark: 12v/50w,12v/35w,24v/50w available
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    Indeed, this kit will enable you to convert your good, old jeep into a jeep truck. If you do not have the skills to do this project yourself, you can always have it done by a professional. On the other hand if you do have the skills, with this conversion kit you can get into Do-it-yourself mode and have the satisfaction of building and converting your one of a kind off road vehicle .

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