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  • Video: Watch to see how the Simmons ComforPedic from Beautyrest mattress works and hear the Hansens’ full Review of the mattress.

    Are you looking to replace your existing Beautyrest® ComforPedic™ Seabrooke mattress, or you have you heard good things about it from someone you know? If you are considering the purchase of a Beautyrest® ComforPedic™ Seabrooke mattress, we encourage you to consider the new Beautyrest Memory Foam Plus collection - where Beautyrest has taken the best features of the ComforPedic™ Seabrooke; and made it better for the best sleep experience possible. Use our navigation menu to view the Beautyrest Memory Foam Plus collection - or give us a call today and speak with one of our mattress experts to learn more about the exciting new features!

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    A few videos (from Simmons) provide some insights into ComforPedic mattresses. These are essentially commercials but still worth a look.

    If your looking for a Memory Foam mattress look no further than the ComforPedic by Simmons. ComforPedic overcomes the shortfalls of traditional Memory Foam mattresses through the use of NxG™ Advanced Memory Foam. ComforPedic's unique formula is designed to dissipate heat which is one of the main problems with traditional memory foam, sleeping hot. With its quick recovery NxG™ Advanced Memory Foam eliminates the feeling of sleeping in quick sand found in traditional memory foam and will provide a more consistent comfort.

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  • You will sleep the best on this Simmons Comforpedic Phenom Luxury Firm Mattress. The memory foam provides great support and comfort that will ensure the best nights sleep.
    The Simmons® Comforpedic® Phenom™ Firm is the firmest and most supportive mattress in this exclusive collection. With a combination of temperature-sensitive NXG® Memory Foam and Advanced NXG® Memory Foam, these mattresses ensure incredible pressure relief and a comfortable sleeping temperature. The Transflexion foam core requires no break-in period allowing you a perfect night sleep from the first night.

Comfort Pedic Camas Ajustables, Bayamón (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

We purchased the Simmons Comforpedic Loft Air Cool a year and half ago. At first the bed was fantastic. We slept great and couldn't have been happier with our HUGE investment. Now, laying in the bed feels like we are in hammocks. Both of our backs are sore every morning. I am writing this not because I'm angry, but because I truly want to warn people what could happen over time with a foam mattress. They didn't tell us that the foam reacts to body heat and molds around you. They also left out the fact that if you are a person that is normally warm or even hot the foam will continue to contract under your weight. We are average sized people and the bed did not last 12 months for us. I also want to share something else. I don't know how to say it other than, if you enjoy "marital relations", this bid will be like doing it in quick sand. Please be very careful before spending tons of money on a foam mattress.

Great a first, horrible after one year.

Again, great in the store, but did not last a year.

Same situation, over time the bed deteriorated to the point where I sleep on the floor some nights.

Absolutely horrible. It did not last one year.