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Assorted Color Balloons (144 pcs)

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  • Bright Color Combination Balloon Bouquet. Instant for quantity purchase. If you are planning Luau of Pool Summer Party this Balloon Bouquet is exactly what you need for party decoration.

    Jesse shared what appears to be a set selfie earlier that week, as it involves Halloween-colored balloons and a grim reaper figure.

  • Little kids: Which color balloon shows up the most, and how many of them can you see at least partly? Bonus: If that was out of 20 balloons total, would there be more yellow balloons or non-yellow balloons?

    My littlest love turned five last week and we celebrated with a simple birthday party. Her requests were balloons, drawing party, and a scooter. Thus, it was a Friday night party in our bedroom. I made a poster and got an engineering print of it made at a local copy shop, picked up some multi-colored balloons from Michaels and taped them all around the bed (the packaging said nothing about mustache faces on them, but we rolled with it), and I made a little drawing book for her and her sisters. We had birthday cake, pizza, everyone drew in their little book, and we surprised her with a (green is her favorite color because of Yoda). Of course, her sisters had a bunch of homemade presents for her too.


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    I looked at a description on facebook from pintrest about freezing water balloons with food coloring in it to make beautiful colored frozen orbs. I had to try it! Have a look through the playlist for all the fun and awesome orbs videos
    It was an easy and fun project to do. Using light colored balloons is a great idea. The dark blue ones that I used made it hard to see how much food coloring I was putting in there.
    I think that they can be made any size, the larger they are, the longer it will take to freeze. We left ours overnight before cutting the balloons off.
    I did notice some bleeding of the blue one when the sun had been shining on them. So I wouldn't use them on anything that you are worried about getting stained. They would look cool melting onto the sidewalk though =)
    This project worked and was lots of fun to do!
    They look like big frozen marbles! What do they look like to you?
    I recommend that you try it, it's good for any age!
    Thanks to the person who thought of this and shared it!! (I don't know who the original person is) Thanks so much for hanging out here with me =) Happy Crafting! Click the links below to connect on the social medias =)
    Chox =)

    Frozen Orbs Playlist! Check out all the fun we have with them:

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Latex Crystaltone Color Balloons

To maximize the decorating potential of balloons, think beyond globes on a string. String a bunch of them in varying sizes on fishing line or kite string and use them for garland behind the head or food table. Combine solid color balloons with themed latex balloons to create bouquets that can serve as short centerpieces or tall floor decor. Add for an extra splash – we have an amazing array of shapes and colors. Super size a small pre-made centerpiece with coordinating balloons to give the arrangement more presence. Follow the latest trend in latex and create single-color balloon clouds to float overhead with tails made of tulle – that’s another amazingly cheap decorating material – trailing delicately below. Breathe fresh life into last year’s entrance arch by decorating it in colors depicting this year’s theme.