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Just Play Care Bears Collector Set

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  • How it began. I love collecting teddy bears. That s it. I simply love the joy of collecting and welcoming each bear to his or her new home. They have character. They have appeal. They are comforting....

    When it comes to collectible teddy bears, the gold standard is definitely Steiff collectible bears. Steiff is purported to be the first company that manufactured stuffed collectible animals, including...

  • To celebrate this unique Jubilee British Collector Bear 2014 anniversary bear, Steiff has chosen their very first “Jewel” from 1989 to take the stage and invite you all to celebrate with him an amazing collection.

    Steiff British Collectors Bear 2014 is the perfect present to mark a special birthday or special event that occured in 2014. This A beautiful looking bear made of the finest light brown mohair and is fully jointed together with black button eyes and a mouth and nose which have been hand embroidered with golden brown thread and to make him extra special Steiff have given him a glorious satin bow. Finally his paw pads are made from the finest felt and when the bear is tipped over he will give the famous Steiff growl. Limited edition of just 2,000 pieces and is exlcusive to the UK and Ireland. He has a special gold-plated button in the ear which is embossed with an elephant motif to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the button in the ear. Surface washable.

    Steiff Have every year since 1989 produced a British Collectors Bear and this beauty was produced in 2008 in a limited edition of just 3000 pieces, he is made of Blond Mohair and is wearing a Silk scarf. He is approx 38cm (15") this bear has a wonderful growl and is in excellent condition he comes with his box and certificate but sadly the box is now a little damaged, EAN 662966.  Free uk postage on this bear


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    EAN 664205

    Steiff 2012 British Collectors Bear UK Exclusive

    Steiff Limited Edition 2012 British Collectors Bear. Made of the finest caramel tipped mohair. Fully jointed with growler and features gold plated "Button in Ear". Surface washable.

    14 Inch (36cm)

    Limited edition of 2000 pieces exclusively for the UK.

    Made In Germany

    Comes complete with Steiff Box and Certificate


    There are also companies, like Steiff, that sell handmade collectible bears that can be purchased in stores or over the Internet. The majority of teddy bears are manufactured in countries such as China and Indonesia. A few small, single-person producers in the United States make unique, non-mass-produced teddy bears. In the one small, traditional teddy bear company remains, , which was established in 1930. , the fur shorn or combed from a breed of long haired goats, is woven into cloth, dyed and trimmed. teddy bears are made from the pelt of an alpaca because the fiber is too soft to weave. In addition to mohair and alpaca, there is a huge selection of "plush" or synthetic fur made for the teddy bear market. Both these types of fur are commercially produced.

Handmade Mohair Collector Teddy Bear

Just about two years later I learned that Fred had passed away. But the legacy that he left will never die, the people who collect Bear Archery items will see to that.