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Collapsible doll house.

Calego Classic Doll House

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  • This invention relates to a foldable, collapsible model doll house, capable of being easily constructed or taken apart. The design is unique in that it involves only three foldable sections to form the main house structure. It is extremely portable and can be conveniently stored to save space.

    U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,906,659; 4,018,001; and 4,094,090 describe various forms of a collapsible doll house, however, these doll houses are collapsible in the sense that each piece is not permanently secured to each other and can be completely disassembled.

  • A doll house which collapses, without disassembly, to permit its convenient storage. The collapsible doll house includes two full length side members which mate along their respective upper edges, thereby defining the top ridge of the doll house, and then slope outwardly and downwardly therefrom, thereby defining the sides and roof of the doll house. The lower edges of the two side members are joined by a lower horizontal member to form the floor of the doll house. Additional horizontal members joining the two side members may be provided at one or more vertical locations between the upper and lower edges of the two side members. Each horizontal member, including one preferably located near the top ridge of the doll house, comprise at least two portions, which portions are connected, respectively, to the two side members and to each other in such a manner as to permit the lower edges of the two side members to be swung toward each other when the horizontal member portions are folded, thereby resulting in a collapsed doll house having a relatively small width compared to its other dimensions.

    While the above cited prior art shows devices that are constructed to form a play house, none of these patents describe a foldable, collapsible doll house having three main foldable sections as with the structure of the present invention.

  • The device of the present invention provides a unique foldable, collapsible model doll house design comprising a first foldable section forming the frame of the house having a front panel, sides and an open back; a second foldable section forming a partitioned attic; and a third foldable section forming the roof of the model doll house with a flip-open roof rear portion. The three sections are fastened together in an upright position to provide the doll house of the present invention. The means for fastening should be something easily removable so as to allow for efficient assembly and dis-assembly, such as dowels which slide through holes or slots in the sides of the first foldable section, through holes in partitions of the second foldable sections, and through gable portions of the third foldable section. Various modifications can be included in the design of the present invention as herein described.

Collapsible Cardboard Dollhouse - Downloadable Free Plans

Collapsible Doll House from old record packaging. includes link to make from binders as well. CUTE ideas for making furniture from thrift finds.