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Marrywindix Umbrella Stroller Clear Waterproof Rain Cover Wind Shield Fit Most Umbrella Strollers Pushchairs

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  • E-package shipping take about 10-15 working days delivering time. Fits most standard sized s. Looking for the best ? The Universal Clear Waterproof Rain Cover Wind Shield Fit Most Strollers Pushchairs is the trusted choice for your child. Easy to fasten and take off.

    In weather that already limits visibility, it is crucial that a driver doesn't sacrifice his own safety, the safety of those around him, or the safety of his truck by obscuring his view with an opaque rain cover (like a garbage bag). However, on the other hand, he also doesn't want a cover that is bulky and difficult to install when bad weather rolls in. That's where the clear forklift rain cover comes in. It protects the driver and the forklift from the rain, but it doesn't obscure the driver's view. And, coming in at less than 2 pounds, it's the perfect weight and size for easy use.

  • Intella has a solution for you. Now introducing the clear forklift rain cover! This cover uses simple cords to tie down to the overhead guard of any forklift, protecting the forklift and its driver from rain while still maintaining visibility. This is an inexpensive alternative to other forklift covers that only fit certain models of forklift.

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