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Once Upon Zombie Dolls - Zombie Cinderella TM

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  • Brand new from the ‘Disney Princesses of the Living Dead’ series, I bring to you, the Cinderella Zombie! I really hope that you guys are all really enjoying these crazed Undead beauties from this fun Disney parody! I really love doing them…actually for many reasons!

    Hands down, the best part of Cinderella and Zombies was the heroine, Cinderella. She doesn’t really care what other people think of her and she is not afraid to stand out of a crowd. She was strong and killed a zombie even when a soldier wouldn’t. He weapon of choice is the throwing knife and she has awesome aim. I mean AWESOME. But she can also use other things to kill zombies, such as a glass slipper. She was an amazing heroine that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. Prince Kent was also an entertaining character because he really cared about his people and he was incredibly brave, so that makes him all right in my book. He’s also a prince, so that’s a plus too.

  • Cinderella Zombie is a free Cinderella Games. Are you ready for a new game for today? Well this time we have for you a new and beauitful game in which the main character is princess Cinderella. This game brings you Cinderella from the new serie, One Upon a Zombie, a serie in which all the disney princesses you know are zombies and live in a dark world. Well, in this new game you have to help Cinderella zombie and know her as a zombie better. She has mastered turning bad situations into good ones, thanks to her troubled life. Because of her troubled past, Cinderella likes to play the victim and needs to learn to let go of her issues. Cinderella has a fear of never having enough, because at one point she didn't. She has had a troubled past and has picked up some bad habits because of it. She can be very selfish and has a need to always be the victim. But not all bad habits have been picked up, Cinderella has learned how to turn bad situations into good ones and has grown stronger as a person. In this new game you have to help her find an outfit that fits her better, outfits that are created for zombies . Have fun with Cinderella in this new game that we have for you!
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Cinderella Zombie by Nerdweibchen on DeviantArt