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Chuggington Calley With Box Car 2 Pack Die Cast Engine

Chuggington Wooden Railway Calley

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  • Help Calley perform her many different tasks around Chuggington with Calley's Fire and Rescue Cars. The Fire and Rescue 2 Pack includes 2 carriages and everything needed for Calley to fulfill her role as Dunbar 's assistant. Featuring one water hose carriage to fight train fires and one crane to help clear tracks and aid stranded engines. The durable, die cast carriages can be attached together and to other engines with the sturdy front and rear couplings. Chuggington - Calley's Fire & Rescue Cars 2 Pack is a great way to expand to your Chuggington die cast collection and encourage imaginative play.

    The town of Chuggington by CalleyFan is supposedly to resemble the town in the show, Chuggington. It includes a railway where the Chuggers are parked in one of the railway lanes, a Badge Quest building and green grassy land for the ground.

  • Chuggington Wooden Railway - Chuggington Calley Engine by Tomy lc56009

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