Children Skating (oil on board) by Tarrant, Percy (fl.1883-1904)

Children Ice Skaters, ca. 1920s

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    Many children enjoy skateboarding or in line skating, but as with any , you will find risks involved. Some people make skating look super easy, but there is an art to getting your balance right. On the route to mastering skating, anyone trying to skate is likely to suffer from a few bumps and falls. To help reduce the impact it has, it’s highly recommended that the children wear a safety helmet, to avoid damage to their head, safety gloves and special pads on their own knees and elbows.

  • Most parents will know when to . Some parents who skate will put their children on skates right after they are walking confidently. Children as young as three years old may be ready to skate, and there are many daytime skating sessions at that cater to pre-school skaters and their parents.

    Some parents get their children on skates and on the ice as soon as they are able to walk, but the ideal age to begin tot ice skating lessons is at about three or four. Some ice arenas will not accept children under three into their skating classes.

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  • Childrens Inline Skates Childrens Hockey Skates Childrens Skate Helmets
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    Naturally it seems wise to then recommend that all children ice skating should wear helmets, but the problem is that the typical helmet may not protect the child’s head adequately since most falls are forward. Your typical helmet is designed to protect a child’s head if he falls backwards.

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Research back five years ago proved that in a greater proportion of falls (13%) versus in-line skaters (5%) and roller skaters (4%). The researchers behind the study looked at data from 1993 to 2003, what was about 1.2 million injuries suffered while children skated.