Children playing basketball Photo: M. Periasamy

Two children playing basketball, isolated on white.

Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball - Brown - Youth Size (27.5")

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  • At Camp All-Star, we recognize the importance of instilling core values into each of our campers in our overnight sports program. Our mission at Camp All-Star is to help your child develop basketball skills as well as core values, leading them to be more successful in each area of their life. Our six main values include honesty, sportsmanship, courage, kindness, dependability, and unselfishness. We want to provide a fun, rewarding, and memorable basketball camp for kids. Fill out the form and watch our awesome kids basketball camp video or contact us today for more information on our children's summer basketball program at Camp All-Star.

    Camp is where they grow: Any experience where a child can break away from parents and peers and all the pressures that come with those relationships in order to pursue an experience that is all their own, do it! This is not a plug for , it’s simply reality. My daughter attended a church retreat camp this year, her first full weekend away from her parents completely. We challenged her to consider throughout that weekend what things she was learning on her own, without anyone influencing her decisions at home, and then report back to us. We were amazed! If your child loves basketball, they will come home from NBC Camp with goals sets and motivation secured. The carry-over in all areas of their life will be astounding. This goes back to the issue of control. There is nothing better you can do for your child’s maturity than to allow them to have this kind of experience in an awesome environment.

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