LCD Alarm Clock with Blue Backlight Wake To CD Radio or Buzzer

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Memorex Top Loading CD Dual Alarm Clock AM/FM Stereo Radio with 0.9-Inch Green LED Display and Universal line-in & Headphone Jack input (Refurbished)

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  • Thank you for your question mitchell092779 . Yes, the Philip Compact CD Player Alarm Clock will run on batteries. It takes 2 AAA, alkaline batteries. Have a great day.

    I truly loved the ease of operation. I read the instructions and they were very good. What I loved most about it is that I do not need to turn the alarm (either CD, Radio etc) every night because it is in memory. The radio audio quality is excellent. In the past I purchased other clock/radios and there were stations you couldn't get. I highly recommend the Philip Compact CD Player Alarm Clock.

  • They're designed to startle you, you learn to ignore them after a while, and they mostly sound terrible. Why would you wake up to one of those when you could wake up to music? Ever since I learned I could wake up to CDs as a little, music-loving girl, I've made it a point to wake up to some of my awesome tunes. I used a CD alarm clock, then an iPod alarm clock, and then I came to Android… and I had to find something else.

    How to use an effective language learning CD radio alarm clock's bedtime listening. You will be able sleep last referred to are suitable for memorization learning to sleep while listening to the recitation of the phrase and audio book CD can effectively learn English pronunciation and phrases. Sleep timer also has built-in, auto-OFF CD playback. I think next morning, evoking the memory of the brain again wake in the CD, the phrases to learn efficiently. Is a learning method using a CD clock radio you can try sleep learning sense. I would hope that calm before the sleeping brain effectively leverages the efficiency of memory and learning.

  • Sticking to this digital alarm clock is sound quality and ease of use. Compact integrated radio, alarm clock with CD player. This size CD radio for the best sound quality and development. CD radio alarm, CD radio used regularly as you can enjoy sound quality has improved. Stereo sound in the room to enjoy the sound quality for CD radio alarm clock turn diagonal near the corner of the room, and you will feel. More music for CD radio player sound quality without exaggerating the bass, treble, MIDs are reproduced well, enters the human voice (vocal, chorus) and enjoy.

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This slim, upright CD alarm clock from Memorex features a contemporary silver finish and is loaded with all the features you’d expect. Digital AM/FM radio with station presets, backlit display, CD player, and dual alarm settings are all included. You can even choose to wake up to radio, CD, or buzzer.