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The Deluxe 3D Casting kit come with everything you need:

Commemorate the precious journey of pregnancy by creating a cast of your belly with our Belly Art Casting Kit.

Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300 Liquid Plastic Compound Smooth-Cast 300

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  • TAG : Our belly cast kits make a 3D belly cast in just 30 minutes
  • Your precious little one will grow up in a blinding flash. Before you know it, the baby wrinkles, tiny toes and cuteness will be replaced by giant, smelly teenage feet. Capture this moment before it becomes merely a memory. Preserve everything that's cute by grabbing a 3D baby hand and food casting kit for just $29, or a casting kit with wooden shadow box frame and 200g extra powder for just $49 from First Moments Ltd.

    These high quality casting rod kits feature rod blanks constructed of the new industry-standard IM6 graphite (44 million modulus) to guarantee a high-strength low-weight rod. You'll build great freshwater casting rods on them. All kits feature 1-piece blanks and come unassembled.

  • Belly cast kits are an original product of ProudBody. A belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom’s beautiful pregnant form. Making a belly cast with a loved one in the privacy of mom’s home is an easy project that is made in as little as 30 minutes. No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom’s belly or torso.

    Want to paint your completed belly cast? Then this is the kit for you! Our DELUXE kit not only one more roll of belly casting material than our BASIC Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit, it also includes everything needed to prepare your belly cast for decorating: sanding screen, belly cast finishing sealant (gesso), sponge brush to apply the sealant and belly cast smoother to smooth the surface of your belly cast. We've also included a colorful Casting & Decorating Ideas sheet shown below to give you hundreds of decorating ideas!

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    Adult Casting Kit

  • Adult Casting Kits - Adult casting kits contain more material than our standard casting kits and can capture upto 4 adult hands from average sized adults and is designed for some trial runs before choosing your final cast. The kit will also make upto 2 joined hands as in the picture on the left these can be either 2 adult hands or adult and child together.

Short Arm Cast Kit | SAC Cast Kit Fiberglass Cast Material

To create the above, you need this kit as well as an Infant Plaster Casting Kit. The adult handswere cast separately from the baby feetand then arranged together for display as shown above.