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  • The Grand Touring (GT) series offerings from Carrera GO!!! continue to grow with the addition of the Mercedes-AMG GT3, "No.16" (64061) and the Lamborghini Huracan GT3,"No.63" (64062).

    Kids and adults alike will have a blast with Carrera's latest 1:43 releases. Offering big fun in a smaller scale, the detail and finish of Carrera are just as exceptional as their larger cousins. Carrera GO!!! has three great slot car sets and six neat cars for release this month.

  • Carrera GO!!! Formula One Competition scale slot car racing track

    Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes F1 slot cars with Turbo Boost controllers. An extra button on the controller gives a turbo boost (handy for the loop!).

    Track is a figure 8 and includes a loop, a vertical (think going up the wall) hairpin. Is 6.2m long in total and has dimensions of 2.34m long by 68cm wide.

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    Powerbase Carrera GO!!! 61512 Connecting Section (with 2 plugs)

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    Exciting original licenses, a vast range of accessories and the legendary turbo switch for that extra dose of power – the Carrera Go!!! 1:43 scale action racetrack has long established itself as the world's premier bundle of fun for young pilots and beginners.

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Who'll be first over the line? Guide your favourite Transformers slotcar to victory around this circuit! Transformers bring genuine cult action kicks to bedrooms and games rooms all over Australia. A blockbusting spectacle otherwise only seen at the movies. The 5.4-meter circuit of the Carrera GO!!! Transformers' set offers every type of action you could dream of - with a fly-over, drive-over and high-speed loop that test nerves to the limit - and ensures hours of great racing entertainment with two well-matched and ruthless opponents. It's time for the final showdown! Ready, steady - go! This Carrera GO!!! set guarantees dynamic action and great racing fun for the whole family!