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Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

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  • Card shuffling runs in two cycles. During each cycle cards are randomly divided into five boxes and then returned back to the feeding carriage. The total number of cards being shuffled is checked in each cycle. At the end of shuffling, the number of cards in the deck is displayed. If the number is different from 52, the dealer will receive a notice of an incorrect number of cards in the deck on the display.

    Upon entering the collection chamber, the cards encounter a routing surface (Part #2 in Part #7) which angles the cards downwards towards the base of the collection chamber. The base of the collection chamber suspended by springs which extend as more cards are shuffled. This prevents the cards from flipping over on their way down the collection chamber by keeping the top of the stack close to the entrance of the chamber. Figure 1 shows the platform of the collection chamber in its fully extended position; as cards stack in the collection chamber, the springs compress and the platform lowers.

  • Card shufflers are becoming increasingly popular with home poker players. No longer is a card shuffler restricted to casino and professional use only. Automatic cards shufflers are easy to use, save time, assure accurate and fair shuffling, and take the burden off those who haven't the dexterity or skill to shuffle proficiently. Why resign yourself to manual shuffling, when you can use an electronic machine that speeds your game and impresses your guests as well?. You'll find battery-powered, electric shufflers that are 1 deck to 6 deck machines, with many in the 2 deck and 4 deck sizes. Shufflers come in a wide range of prices, from good quality 2 deck versions all the way up to machines that would be perfectly at home in a casino. The best one for you is the shuffler that fits your budget and meets your needs. You'll find the perfect one here.

    The primary purpose of the Automatic Card shuffler originally was to take away the burden of one shuffling cards in a card game. What usually takes place in a card game is that players would take turns shuffling the deck of cards in order to rearrange the previous order that the cards were in. This action was to ensure that each player recieves an even hand when the cards are dealt out evenly. Now assuming that we live in an ideal world, the cards would be shuffled evenly so that neither player wouldn't have an unfair advantage. In reality the chances of the cards being shuffled evenly on a consistent basis are very slim. One factor could be the simple fact that some people cannot shuffler as good as others. Furthermore some people cannot not shuffle at all. As a result, there isn't really a pattern that the deck of cards follow after a person shuffles them due to human error. This human error is the result of poorly shuffled cards because of a lacking in the ability to shuffle cards effeciently. The deck might still have particular cards together prior to the shuffle as a result of human error. The Automatic Card shuffler serves if not to completely eliminate, then reduce this error as much as possible.

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    Pick a different pile of five cards and shuffle them, keeping them facedown. Whenever you’d like, stop shuffling and keep the cards facedown in your left hand. With your right hand, lift some cards from the pile in your left hand. (You should now have a few cards in your right hand.) Look at the face of the bottom card of the pile in your right hand. Memorize this card.

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Disney historian Leonard Maltin claims, "One of the best visual scenes in the film involves the March of the Cards, heralding the Queen's arrival. Here colors flash on the screen and the cards form a succession of geometric figures as they march along, with various imaginative camera angles heightening the effect. The scene concludes with a ready-made card game; the cards shuffle themselves and deal out to nonexistent players."