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  • The last budget-friendly purchase that makes me really proud are the Candyland board games I bought as prizes for the birthday party games. During Christmas, the board game was on sale for $3 each, but with a $2 mail-in rebate, the final cost was $1! My husband and I each bought one, so we ended up getting 2 birthday party prizes for a total of $2!
    In the end, the most important thing to any party is that the special birthday celebrant has a wonderful time and Brody had a blast! I am so grateful to our friends and family who were there to celebrate with us. And it’s nice to know that I can throw a great part without breaking the bank!

    To start the party planning process, I always start with what colors I want to use so I can start designing the customized party printables (the banner, labels, cupcake toppers, etc.). Without a doubt, the Candyland board game was my inspiration.

  • I was shocked that this moment of defeat had blown over so easily. I immediately had flashbacks of playing this same game with my older son when he was 3. Something similar had happened (being called backwards is pretty much the only challenge of the game). But instead of listening to reason or deciding to suck it up and deal, my first son threw the Candyland board and all its pieces clear across the room.

    There are quite a few versions of the Candyland game board, in fact, the first edition came out in 1949. According to Wikipedia, there are 22 different versions! I believe the version that I base the cake on is the 2010 version of the Candyland game board. The fact that it has Gloppy the Chocolate Monster is what makes me think that. Apparently, prior to 2010, Gloppy was the “Molasses Monster”.

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    Using parts of three versions of the Candyland game boards, and adding her own themes, Kan-Dee Corner created 17 micro gardens, each with its own theme, color and smell. She did most of the work herself, but her neighbors were very supportive as wel, and one of them even created that nice little shed.

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Decorate each area of the party based on the different sections of the Candyland board game. You don't need to use all of these ideas, pick and choose what works best for your space, budget and group -