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Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real, Blonde Girl

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  • Another link in the NRBQ chain comes from this 1985 news article:So the question remains: Did a rock group with an unusual sense of humor forge the original link in people's minds between Cabbage Patch Kids and death?

    An interesting theory about how death certificates came to be associated with this toy (and far in addition to the obvious one of "if a doll needs an adoption certificate for you to take one home, then it certainly requires a death certificate when it's too banged up to keep any longer") involves the rock band NRBQ (New/National Rhythm & Blues Quartet). One of the (many) zany things they were doing back in 1984 was blowing up Cabbage Patch Kids onstage. In an article in magazine, the band's keyboardist/leader, Terry Adams, said that the band was considering starting up a graveyard/funeral home where badly damaged Cabbage Patch Kids could be buried and laid to rest.

  • Cabbage Patch Kids first appeared in 1978, but were first mass produced for public consumption in 1982. The supply didn't even come close to meeting the demand. Riots broke out across the country, including and fist fights breaking out in stores among parents trying to get the dolls. If you had one of these in the 80s, do us a favor and take some time this Christmas season to thank your parents for getting it. They fought for you. They really did.

    Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage back in One did not purchase them; one "adopted" them. Proud new parents "registered" their adoption by filling in the form enclosed in the box the doll came in. Cabbage Patch Kids were loved. They were lavished with attention.

    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Type Dolls
    Inventor Xavier Roberts
    Company Coleco (1982–1988)
    Hasbro (1988–1994)
    Mattel (1994–2003)
    Toys "R" Us (2003)
    Play Along (2004–2011)
    Jakks Pacific (2011–2014)
    Wicked Cool Toys (2015–present)
    Country United States
    Availability 1978–present
    Official website

  • Now your little one can dance along with the brand new electronic 12.5” Dancing Cabbage Patch Kid Performer! Just press the hand and watch her dance and perform the James Brown classic “I Feel Good (I’ve Got You!)”. The Dancing CPK will dance to the beat of the music in her pajamas while her adorable pigtails flop everywhere. This exciting feature will lead to never ending fun and entertainment!

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Toys: Vinyl or vinyl and soft sculpture combination toys in a variety of sizes delivered from our Far Eastern Cabbage Patch.

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