Buying Christmas Gifts Won't Make You Happier

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  • Last, but not least, take advantage of high value coupons by using them at places that allow overages, such as Walmart. If you find items on clearance or on sale, you can match the coupon to the item and get an overage. This overage can then be used to buy other things you need. It can even be used to buy Christmas gifts for free.

    I agree with Eric that it is a Christmas without gifts can be pretty depressing. However, there is another alternative. Buy Christmas gifts throughout the year at sales, keeping in mind that if an item is less than 50% off, it’s not on sale. My wife and I save hundreds this way.

  • The best way to save money when buying Christmas gifts is to stock up year round when things are discounted after holidays and such. Obviously if you’re reading this article, though, you probably didn’t get a chance to do that this year! So, after Christmas, be sure to buy some of the toys and such when they’re marked down by 50 or 75 percent, and save them for next year! I know that doesn’t help for now, though… so follow these tips to below to save money when buying Christmas gifts!

    This year we’re not buying Christmas gifts for extended family members. Or friends. Or co-workers. Do we sound like the biggest scrooges ever? Are you feeling jealous? Or are you saying, “Sister! About time you joined the rest of us non-buying folks!”

  • The holidays offer a chance to take your mind off work, but before you do, don’t forget to spread some holiday cheer by buying Christmas gifts for coworkers around the office. You likely already have a few holiday gift ideas for coworkers you interact with daily, but ask yourself: “Are there other people at the office who deserve a thank-you gift for the holidays?” Your own daily support staff may include office administrative assistants, mailroom staff, security guards and cleaning staff.

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For some people buying Christmas gifts is stressful, while other people, like me, enjoy picking out gifts for others and finding the perfect thing to get another person.