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  • If you decide to buy a playpen, do it before your baby is moving around so you can get him or her familiar with it – there will be a better chance of it being a hit rather than a flop later on. For the same reason, if you have the space, go for a pen with a reasonably large floor area.

    Q: A few days ago, I went to a baby shop to buy a playpen. The model I liked was out of stock but the salesperson said that new stock would arrive in two weeks. In order to avoid disappointment, I decided to place a €40 deposit to reserve one.

  • Before buying a playpen, it is necessary to understand what that term actually means, and how it is used today. Though the first use of the term "playpen" is cited in the "Oxford English Dictionary" from a 1902 article in the Washington Post, most manufacturers today prefer the rebranded term "play yard" instead. Conversely, most parents refer to the structure-formerly-known-as-playpen as a "," which is the brand name given to the object by powerhouse baby company Graco. The search term used will make a big difference in the types of models found, so make sure to do some research in terms of expectations before moving forward.

    Deciding whether or not to buy a playpen is as much about deciding on its use as it is about its design. Modern parents are in two distinct camps when it comes to the purchase and use of the playpen; those for it and those against it. In some cases, parents consciously make the decision not to use a playpen for play, while others just never get around to its use. The controversy over playpen use stems from the evolution of parenting styles throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

  • Deciding to buy a playpen at all is the first step, then parents much decide on the type. Finally, parents must determine whether to buy new or used and where to complete their purchase.

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Lightweight and easy to set up and then fold up, a appealing? is perfect for travelling. You can use it as a portable crib for babies or as safe play area for toddlers. And with a range of add-on features, playpens can transform into bassinets and change tables. When buying a playpen, keep the following in mind.