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  • First, Take apart designs- allows for easy release of string tangles and are essential time savers for mom and dad. Second, Auto-return mechanisms- tightens on the string as the yo-yo slows its spin returning the yo-yo to the hand before momentum is lost. Third, Trans axles – The string does not touch the axle but wraps around a moveable sleeve on the axle. This decrease in friction increases the spin time dramatically up to four fold. The ultimate trans axles have ball bearings and are called Ball Bearing Trans axles. The ball bearing trans axles have ultra long spin times as well as sometimes ultra high prices. When asking yourself how to buy a yoyo, this is important.

    When people ask me how to buy a yoyo, I tell them to pick a model based on the skill level of the player. Stick with American name brands, the market is being flooded with cheap foreign imports and nothing turns a child of faster than a poorly performing yo-yo. The following companies produce yo-yos of excellent quality, look for their company names when buying a yo-yo: Aerobie, BC, Black Mamba, Custom, Doble, Duncan, Henrys, Perkins ProYo, Russell, Spintastics, SuperYo, Team Losi, Tom Kuhn, Yo-YoJam, Yomega.

  • Even 70 years after its introduction to the United States, the yo-yo is as popular as ever. Over $1 billion worth of yo-yos were sold in 1998 and 1999 the last big craze, but these yo-yos are not the yo-yos grandpa knows. Picking a yo-yo for a gift can be a daunting task when faced with racks of different yo-yos ranging in price from $2.00 to over $150.00. People often ask me how to buy a yoyo.

How to Choose a Yoyo to Buy -- New & Updated Buyer's Guide.