Creating Bubble Wands Using the Artterro Bubble Wands Kit

Here’s a step by step video tutorial and handy supply list for how to make giant bubble wands!


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  • The great thing about this project is that you get two bubble activities in one. Once you and your kids are done making the tensile bubbles these wands can be used like a standard bubble wand, only you won’t get standard bubbles….These wands make fantastic bubbles with long trails and lots of connected spherical shapes. My kids arguably had more fun with this part of the project. See the wands in action below!

    I am a big believer of hands-on education; I think kids and adults learn best with life experiences to back up a subject. In the case of today’s project you and your kids can learn about tensile structures by building 3-dimensional bubble wands and making inverted “tensile” bubbles. This simple demonstration will introduce a complex engineering concept to kids visually.

  • My girls and I were recently inspired by a magical movie to make our own potions—bubble potions! And of course, for every magic potion, you need a magic wand. Using pipe cleaners is a fun and inexpensive way to make your own bubble wands and it’s easy to add “bling” like beads to spice them up. The homemade bubble wands hold more solution and make bigger bubbles than commercial ones! Here’s how we made our beautiful beaded bubble wands.

    I don’t have any tweens or teens, but my family had fun giving my 10-month-old granddaughter, Zoey, a special experience with regular-size and giant-size bubbles! The is one that can be fun for a wide range of ages. Older kids could also enjoy making bubble wands to give as gifts to younger siblings.


  • Even though I’m artistically challenged, I was able to easily make a regular-size bubble wand from the kit. (Note: We made our bubble wands as quick projects. You or your child could spend more time on them, making them as intricate as you wish.)

Bubbles in Bulk - Bubble Wands & Bubble Tubes

so, i had a bunch of wire hangers just sitting around….about to be thrown away. i thought, why not make bubble wands from them instead of filling up a landfill. so, i did. and here is how you can make your own handmade bubble wand: