Vintage drugstore bubble bath poodle bottle

Very cute bubble bath bottle of Felix! Its dated 1989 at 9 1/4 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide.

Babyganics Baby Bubble Bath, Fragrance Free, 20oz Bottle, (Pack of 2)

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  • The new characters I created for the Matey bubble bath bottles are beginning to appear in the shops. Max Matey, along with Molly Matey and Pegleg Matey are designed to help make bath time fun for kids. I’ve never illustrated for shrink wrap before; it was quite tricky so I’m glad none of them turned out to be Picasso Matey!

    The most anticipated birth of any baby in the 1960's was? "Yabba Dadda Doo, I'm a father"! Baby Pebbles was born to Fred and Wilma Flintstone as millions of fans tuned in to celebrate the birth of Pebbles. Today I'm offering for sale from the 1960's this wonderful Pebbles Soaky Bubble Bath Bottle. Pretty little Pebbles is shown dressed in a light brown animal outfit holding a baby rattle in her left hand. The bottle and its contents were made by the Purex Corporation, LTD., of Lakewood, California, and is copyrighted by the Hanna Barbera Productions, Inc. This is printed on the bottom of this Pebbles Soaky. On the front of the bottle under her feet it reads "Pebbles". This Soaky is 8¾" tall and holds 11 Fl. Oz. It is made of soft plastic.

  • One day laying in bath I looked at this old bubble bath bottle standing empty on the side of the bath tube as it had been doing for the past year. Simply too cute to throw away. Then I got it – It had to become a lamp!
    A good recycled plastic lamp!

    The bottle design for matey bubble bath was as fun as it looks. We started by getting inspiration from the Toy Museum in London, and a visit to HMS Belfast. We also collected as many previous versions of the Matey Bubble Bath Bottle as possible to investigate its evolution.

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  • Vintage Bubble Bath Bottle

    Height 18.5cm
    Width 10cm (circular)
    Weight 100mg

    Preservation: Excellent.
    Renovation work: None. Original.

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