Bratz Masquerade Doll - Sea Goddess

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Bratz Bratz Masquerade Doll Geneva

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  • This is a really good price for the Bratz Masquerade Doll in Sea Goddess style! She originally cost £17.98 but is now down to half price at £8.99. Now you can get TWO for the price of one. If you want. Or just get one as an ace Christmas gift.

    All of the Bratz Masquerade dolls have their own mask and for added play value there is an identical mask for you to wear and a selection of make up to make yourself look dark and dramatic, cool and sinister or glamorous.

  • I am definitely going to be buying two of these Bratz Masquerade dolls I think. I know far too many little girls and they are all playing with these dolls like they are the best things in the world ever. And honestly, you can never have enough dolls with purple hair, can you?

    My youngest daughter is five and spent the weekend penning a Christmas Wish List to Santa. Nestled between a backpack shaped like a Koala and a detective magnifying glass is a request for a Bratz Masquerade toy. She saw it advertised while watching Finding Nemo on television. The doll is dressed in an outfit that would look great wrapped around a pole. She has swishy, knee length hair with pastel streaks, hoop earrings and more black kohl eyeliner than a Kardashian.

  • While watching a kids television show with my girls, this Bratz Masquerade Doll commercial appeared, and I honestly could not believe my eyes. Take a look and see if you notice anything that may be questionable to you…

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