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OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set

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  • The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. new Twin Bottle Cleaning System model AC-02 is designed to clean containers using compressed air and vacuum. The model AC-02 is easy to use and provides the versatility to clean a variety of different styles and containers sizes.

    A Glass Tumbling or ‘Bottle Cleaning' Machine utilizes an electric motor and a series of belts and pulleys. The tumbler is used to achieve and maintain the proper speed of rotation for the period of time required to gently clean the surface of antique bottles and other glass wares. The expert process of cleaning bottles is more than putting them in a container and flipping the switch. Expert results require speed of rotation to be matched to the size, shape and type of glass.

  • Sick Glass is the most common reason antique bottles need cleaning. Sick glass results from the affects of glass being exposed to Mother Nature for year or unintentionally by people. Antique bottles under water in Lakes or under ground in dumps or privies can develop a thin layer of decayed glass. Decayed glass oftentimes looks like hard water in a bottle or vase which evaporates leaving calcium or other mineral deposits. Sick glass often times looks like it is etched. Soft antique glass and newer crystal and glassware can get the same etched appearance just from being run though the dishwasher. Fortunately sick glass is easily removed by .

    Steve cleans bottles and polishes glass for antique dealers and private collectors across the United States and Canada. Steve says of his antique bottle cleaning and glass polishing service, "Over the years I have modified my glass cleaning equipment and polishing techniques to match the growth of my business and improve the quality of finished product. I assure my customers they are getting a state of the art glass cleaning and polishing."

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    Certified by The Natural Products Association, Bottle Bright tablets clean more effectively than other solutions by gently bubbling into tight spots that hands or dishwashers can’t reach. Biodegradable, non toxic, and tasteless, this bottle cleaner removes not only grime, but tough stains from tea and coffee.

Water Bottle Cleaning Set - OXO

Most water bottles come with narrow mouth and dish washer may not clean it properly. Most people never have a time to rinse it properly before packing. Some water bottles can't be dish washed. In such cases, G-Away bottle cleaner comes in handy. G-Away bottle cleaner comes with 20 sachets in a pouch. Just drop one sachet inside water bottle, in case of small bottle add 2 cups of water otherwise add 4-5 cups of water inside a big water bottle like 1, 2, 3 gallons or 5 gallons water bottle and add a kitchen paper towel inside the big bottle and shake it for 1 minute all sides. Trash the water and paper towel/sachet and then rinse the bottle with fresh water. Repeat the process if it's too dirty.