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About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

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  • There must be literally hundreds of books written about Einstein. Was it daunting for you to tackle someone of so much significance and interest?

    Is the information in accurate? On one hand, the author is not an Einstein expert (few picture book authors are experts on the subjects they write about), and there is no subject expert credited with reviewing the book. On the other hand, the author states that she read fifty books about Einstein and cites five books that appear to be up-to-date, unbiased sources. An Einstein expert has a quote on the cover. Berne’s portrayal of Einstein feels authentic. She describes Einstein’s eccentricities without resorting to caricature. I feel satisfied that Berne has tried to paint an accurate portrait of Einstein. [Einstein experts, speak up now!]

  • What are your favorite picture books about Albert Einstein? We’ll update our list as other treasures are discovered, always keeping our list to the very BEST children’s books.

    There are many books about Albert Einstein and his scientific theories, philosophy of life and biography. Obviously, you cannot be required to read them all. So, there will be a few required texts to help a consistent discussion, but you should also read a biography and a scientific (at least a popular ) text. Required texts have been selected so as not to make you spend a lot of money and a couple of recommended texts were selected for you to choose books on relativity. you should read about the texts and choose a biography to supplement the list of required texts. You might be able to get some from the library. More books might be added depending upon the path the course takes.

  • It's hard to imagine a better guide to the work of Albert Einstein than Hawking, one of the world's most renowned physicists and popular science writers, whose own has sold more than nine million copies. Though there are plenty of popular books about Einstein's theories, Hawking is right when he insists that the "most lucid, not to mention entertaining proponent of Einstein's ideas has always been Einstein himself." Even those with a minimal background in math and science will come away with a keen understanding of the towering genius and his transformative work on the nature of space, time and light. Included are Einstein's seminal papers on special and general relativity, and his 1916 , which explains the theory in simple, straightforward terms accessible to any high-school graduate with a knowledge of basic algebra. Einstein's pioneering work in modern quantum theory, from his 1905 discovery of photons to his later, critical opinions of the generally accepted quantum theory (in excerpts from his 1950 book, ), is also considered. Hawking adds a brief but effective introduction to each section, making this gem of a collection really shine.

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