Модуль DSP предназначен для подключения BMW USB MP3 Проигрывателя.

Модуль DSP предназначен для подключения BMW USB MP3 Проигрывателя.

Moonet® AUX Input Adaptor CD Changer Cable for BMW E46 MP3 iPod iPhone Apple Female Jack

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  • The MP3 Sunwear comes in 512MB and 1GB models, playing both MP3 and WMA files. The lithium battery lasts, according to , 15 hours. It also includes a voice recorder so you can record memos and brilliant ideas while on the go. The sunglasses themselves have UV protection and built-in ear phones. Personally, I prefer a Ray-Ban Wayfarer style, but some might like the sporty look of these sunglasses. Of course, the side pieces, with the MP3 modules are a little bulky, but that's all made good by the BMW roundel logo stamped into them. They'll let the world know that you're not just an uber-tech geek, but also into fast . The BMW MP3 Sunwear is available from BMW dealers, costing $295 for the 512MB model and $395 for the 1GB model.

    BMW’s cleverly named BMW MP3 Watch is a wristwatch with a built-in digital audio player. The watch features 256MB of onboard storage and can record voice memos as well. Besides playing MP3 files, the watch can also play WMA files and be used as a storage drive. Voice memos are recorded as WAV files.

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