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Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet Oct 1, 2011

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  • Best Infant Bike Helmet: Looking for a bike helmet for toddlers? Giro Me2 is a cool helmet for toddlers and infants. Like the toddler’s mindset, this cute little bike helmet also comes with a cute design. The micro-shell is built with bug net construction. Despite the small size, this helmet manages o provide 6 vents which keep your head cool. The helmet comes with a built-in visor to prevent the sun rays on the playground. You can get this toddler bike helmet in five different colors and design. It will protect the eyes, ears, and mouth. The straps provide a good snug fit and fit excellent. It fits easily, thanks to the mini loc fit system.

    So, how do you look for the best infant bike helmet for your little one? Go for an infant bicycle helmet that fits snugly around your baby’s head. To get their measurements, get a tape measure and wrap it around the head once inch above the eyebrows which is the thickest part of their head.​ As much as possible, avoid a hard shell helmet and go for an in-mold model as they are well ventilated and are lightweight. Heavy helmets tend to be very uncomfortable for small babies.

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