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Halo Mega Bloks Halo Battlescape II 96983

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  • Hola y perdón por la tardanza :/ mi editor de videos esta un poco mal, pero mas vale tarde que nunca (; asi que aqui les dejo la review del battlescape 3 (;
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    The new versions of this visualization software are BattleScape 3.4 Standard and BattleScape Developer Option. Both are commercial, off-the-shelf software products available for immediate delivery from Software Product Sales at . The new BattleScape enables a warfighter to scan the night-time battlespace in order to track and monitor late-night skirmishes and view current weather patterns to plan and react to the natural environment.

  • You’ve got all the troops, the vehicles and aircraft. All you need now is a place for the war to commence, and where better than the new ‘Halo Wars Battlescape 3’.

    BattleScape 3.4 Standard is a software tool that, for the first time, integrates the ability to model data of existing ground, air and space assets and simulates the addition of new assets into an environment.

  • BattleScape 3.4 Standard delivers the information necessary to recognize and respond to risks as they develop. Users can assist collection management by continuously displaying the coverage of terrain-constrained surveillance sensors. The advanced modeling and simulation capabilities of BattleScape Standard enable precise sensor analysis for satellites, and air and ground-based platforms.

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