and new hammers in a "Battle Mallet" design.

Item:Heavy Battle Mallet

FRENCH GUIANA GUYANE. Cayenne. Fort St Louis. Naval battle. MALLET - 1683 - old map - antique map - vintage map - printed maps of French Guiana

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  • Battle Mallet was a weird strategy game with a focus on quick actions rather than thoughtful movements, which is really it's main problem. Rather than moving units individually, it was always a better move to grab the entire army and march them forward. The battles get super messy too. I like the card mechanic, though. I think being able to grant abilities to any unit is a cool idea. But the time limit is dumb.

    Diesector returned with a few upgrades for the fifth and final season of Battlebots. These included new jaws constructed out of 4130 alloy steel with bilit aluminium tips, and new hammers in a "Battle Mallet" design. For the first time, all of Diesector's fights in the season were televised, the first of which was against . For the fight, Diesector's hammers were removed and small metal extensions were placed on the tips of the jaws. A plow was also placed on the rear end in place of the tail to deflect any blows Final Destiny would land. As a result, Diesector was considerably faster and more nimble, with a much lower ground clearance. It worked spectacularly for Donald Hutson and Team Mutant Robots, who right off the bat had the match in their hands. Slowly positioning their robot close to Final Destiny, they waited until the right moment, and in one of the most awe-inspiring moments of Battlebots, got under one of the skirts with the jaw extension and sent it upwards into its own blade, instantly tearing it off and causing Final Destiny to almost go flying into the air. Diesector then began to dissect their opponent, using the gap in the skirts to get underneath Final Destiny. The third impact by Diesector temporarily incapacitated Final Destiny's blade and allowed Donald Hutson to push it across the arena, eventually scoring points via the killsaws, which loosened another skirt which promptly got torn off. Following that brief excursion, Diesector wisely backed away as FD got its blade back up to speed and then forcefully rammed Final Destiny towards the hazards, taking off yet another skirt. At this point, a bit of sparring occurs between the 2 robots until inevitably, Diesector sends Final Destiny flying into the air, flipping it upside down and thus eliminating them from the competition.

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