Some parents like to use a special baby tub to bathe their newborn

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  • Trying to bathe a newborn baby in the kitchen sink is kind of a joke; it’s like trying to grab a greased watermelon in the deep-end on the 4th of July. Also, baby poop and preparing dinner in the same general area? Do not go hand in hand [Kramer: I prepared it while I bathed. Germaphobe from Elaine’s office: throws up in mouth].

    Not everyone uses a specific baby bath tub to bathe their newborn. If you don't have space for a baby tub, or you just don't want to use one, there are plenty of other options. You could simply sit baby in a small sink for bath time, or purchase a mesh bath sling to let baby recline in the sink for a bath. Foam bath tub inserts give baby a soft place to lay for bathing in a regular bath tub. Many parents enjoy getting into the regular bath tub with their baby and relaxing together as they bathe.

  • It can be a bit scary the first few times you bathe your newborn. Try to stay calm and keep a firm hold of your baby when moving her in and out of the bath. You may like to have someone with you the first few times to support you and fetch anything you've forgotten.

    Most healthcare professionals recommend bathing newborns 2 or 3 times per week, increasing the frequency as your baby gets older. Even though you may not give your baby a bath every day, a is an alternative many moms choose for their very young babies.

  • Bathing your newborn is not an easy proposition. They’ve got more rolls than an Olive Garden and they’re squirmier than a garden snake. And while they may not bite, they can certainly scream their head off if they’re not pleased— which may, for the record, be a lot worse.

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It’s possible that in a few months, the becomes the best thing ever. But I was looking for something to bathe my newborn. Perhaps I will revisit this tub in the future.