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Barney Deluxe Schoolhouse Playset (with play figures)

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  • Since this really only plays the lines any other Barney figure plays, it's notreally the talking feature that's going to sell you on him. This scorewill also jump once the Be Sharps playset is shipping.

    In 1999, the purple preschool favorite, celebrates "10 Yearsof Barney"! Over the years, Barney has delighted youngsters withhis show, videos and toys. Hasbro's roster of Barney toys, puzzlesand games will continue to bring the show to life into the newmillennium. The magic of Barney will come alive with new products likeSing 'n Strum(TM) Barney, that lets youngsters sing along whileBarney plays his banjo; and Barney Song Magic(TM) Bongos,"magical" bongo drums that, when tapped, play one of 11 Barneytunes.

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