Barbie and Ken want to dance at night together. First dress up them!

Barbie I want To Be a Superstar doll and fashions set

Thanks to 321DressUp and barbielover1. I made this into BARBIE and ken instead of ken. ;D


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  • Of course some of you might feel a little more jaded about the history behind the reconciliation. Ken and Barbie shocked their fans -- and the world -- when the doll world's "golden couple" went in 2004, and Barbie began dating . Everyone smelled a rat, even through the . You might also like to check out the from Mattel marketing. Before you start emailing me, yes I realize they have the birthday wrong...but I believe they are using the March 11, 1961 date for a reason (it's a Friday) for some more big announcements. The "real" date of March 13, 1961 falls on a Sunday this year. Trust that I am making sure I correct this information in interviews. March 13, 1961 fell on a Monday, and that is the date Ken was shown at toy fair. For you Ken purists (like me) I know that is troublesome, but just try to go with it...

    Ken's thinks he's the ultimate boyfriend but Barbie fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if he succeeds in his quest. (DON'T click if you want it to be a surprise).

  • First, let me apologize for the very late update to the site! I have a lot going on in anticipation of Ken doll's 50th anniversary...which is officially on March 13, 2011...but here we are in September, and the fun has already started! I put the final touches on a Ken book that will be released on this date, am helping with planning for the 2011 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, plus have been secretly updating other relevant pages to the site.

    Ken and Barbie fans may also have picked up on the famous exes flirting on Facebook, or noted that Ken checked in on Foursquare at the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York to get special cupcakes for his favorite girl.

    Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll

    I finally located the new Wedding Day Sparkle Groom Doll, box dated 2008, a near match to last year's Wedding Day Groom Doll.  The NEW 2008 Groom has dark brunette hair and brown eyes.  Like many others, I waited to find a batch that didn't have crooked painted eyes, which many of you are reporting as a serious problem with this doll.  I was anticipating this doll so much mostly because  finally...another doll with brunette hair and brown eyes!! So when I found a batch with good eyes, I got it and then went home to be EXTREMELY disappointed with the cheap one-piece fashion and the use of non-bendable legs (reported from James earlier), which I guess is the new norm on the "Doll" dolls that don't bear the Ken trademark.  I will seriously start complaining if this trend continues.  Sure it's a play line doll, but I immediately noticed the shortcut cost savings on this doll.  The box is even poorly constructed, held together by tape on the back (which won't bold well for preservation 20 years from now).  I normally find something I like with every Mattel male Barbie line doll, but I can't find anything nice to say about this one.  In my history book this doll will probably go down as truly THE example of how to cut costs in every single way in a recession.  And while I do enjoy a molded hair doll every once in awhile, it scares me to think that we will be seeing many more, in the spirit of cost cutting.  It makes me think back to darker times when the male doll was just an after thought in the line.  Let's give Barbie a nice fashion and lots of rooted hair and save all the costs we put into the female doll on the male doll. Mattel could have at least enhanced the fashion or the body of this doll.  It's just not fair to cheap-out on the male dolls.  I am truly surprised I actually bought it.  I spent $11.44 on it at Wal-Mart.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to find the lowest price.  It's like a cheap knock-off of a Mattel doll, but is actually a Mattel doll.  Mattel needs to start paying more attention to what is being passed off as quality merchandise from the play line department...even in a recession.

  • Prinz Doll (European Market)

    A European market exclusive doll that doesn't use the Ken trademark and looks similar to the doll below is Prinz Doll (European Edition).  Erik reports the following:  "There's a new Prinz Ken in Town! I found this doll at Toys r us in Germany. The box doesn't show a name anywhere but the the shelf label says "Prinz Ken" which means Prince Ken in English.  His Stock No is "N5025". The box backside says "Relive the magic and excitement of all your favourite Barbie™ movies with this handsome royal prince doll." So it seems like it's not an official "Ken" doll.  He looks like he's "Ken in India's" twin brother."
    Here are some pictures below! I hope to get this doll soon (plus last year's European market Sleeping Beauty Prince Doll that I was never able to locate).


    More pictures here:  Prinz Doll (European Edition)

    Don't be surprised if you see billboards in New York and Los Angeles with Ken professing his renewed love for his ladydoll, declaring "Barbie, you are the only doll for me."

Barbie Fashionista Doll - Sassy

In 2004 Mattel felt that since they were changing their image of Barbie they needed to make her an unattached single, care free woman of the world. That a woman cannot be successful in this day and age while being attached to a man and that it was time to cast that man aside for her career advancement.