You Buy Your Daughter A Barbie With A Camera Inside

FBI Warning For Barbie With Video Camera Built In

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Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

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  • This Barbie with a camera inside of her that takes real pictures comes with simple instructions so your child will soon be taking some great images! Just push the heart-shaped button on her belt to turn the camera on. Press the button on the right of this (as you look at her) and you will be able to select one of the thirty pre-loaded graphics as a frame for the picture you want to take. You will also be able to change colors and backgrounds too.

    Then look forward to a day in the not so distant future when a well endowed Barbie with camera, microphone, and wireless capability is given away free by Google as the next step in targeted advertising to serve the consumer market. Add in a bit of speech recognition and video pattern matching and the sky is the limit in understanding each consumer’s unique needs in real time. Perhaps the next generation Barbie will even talk back and give a whole new meaning to AdWords. Until then, enjoy your Video Girl Barbie and remember: Don’t be evil!

And actually, for a doll, she's not too bad of a camera