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Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle

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  • Last night I dreamed that Tony and I were staying at a VERY fancy hotel with a swimming pool that took up the entire top of the building–it was huge–and while were were scoping THAT out, we overheard two business tycoons talking about how much money they were making off of stupid regular people by buying up their property for a song, then selling it for a huge profit. Right about that time, we rounded a corner where I saw the most adorable hand painted NET swimsuits and t-shirts–turns out that the artist was someone I had been friends with long ago back in 4th grade at O.C.S.–the actual person now eludes me as she kept on changing between three or four people it COULD have been. Anyway–I was looking for a swimsuit for Victoria when I saw that parked next to her house was a Barbie Dream Van–one of those Barbie R.V. things that I never owned–an exact replica only adult sized.

    It was even plastic. She said, “Oh, I have more things inside my R.V.–let me pull it around.” At which time I actually climbed into the Barbie Dream Van and began digging out all of the life-sized replicas of actual pieces that were in the original van. Like most “toys” it had some things mixed in that weren’t part of the original–some Peanuts stuff–some Scooby Doo–then, tucked into one of the R.V. cabinets, I found a card I had made for her in 4th grade with my own 4th grade handwriting on the back. It had a something I had drawn and embellished with magazine pictures and stickers and it said I owed her a poster.

    To say I loved Barbies as a child would be an understatement. I had the Barbie bike (complete with fuchsia streamers on the handles), Barbie Jeep, Barbie Dream Pool, Barbie Van, Barbie lip gloss, and even Barbie nightgowns with matching minis for the dolls to wear. So naturally, when I heard about the controversy surrounding the newest addition to the Barbie clan, I took an immediate interest.

  • Barbie camper van. Awesome cond. Everything opens up, pop top hammocks, huge hot tub, bathroom, and kitchen. comes with Barbie Jeep and Barbie Scooter, great shape.

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    Barbie Volkswagen van
    Original of Mattel

    For sale a lovely Carabello Volkswagen van equipped as a mini-bus and specially created for Barbie. This van was manufactured by the company Mattel representing a prototype of the car manufacturer Volkswagen.

    With a very attractive design, highlights of this van its size, the sliding door and steering wheel that turns. If you press the horn sounds.

    This mini-bus is used but in good condition without any broken parts. Only indicate that the external stickers are the loose ends, no mirrors I had originally. On the inside, this is complete. There is seating for six dolls. It comes with batteries.

    The approximate dimensions of this van is 27 centimeters high, 21 centimeters wide and 49 centimeters long.

    Price item or unit: 20 Euros

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  • Head on over to the and let them know. My most memorable toy was the Barbie Camper Van I got when I was 6. There’s a whole long story that goes with it, but that’s for another blog post.

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Setting foot into Shelly Smith's store on West Franklin Street takes you back somewhere between the 1950s and 1970s, where a vintage pink Barbie van sits across from shelves filled with dishes in bright colors, and a pair of wooden roller skates lie tucked in a corner.